Why That Jerk Who Merges Last Minute Is Actually Right

Diply 29 Sep 2016

You know those rude people that cut everyone in your lane and merge at the last second? Everyone is irked by these people unless you are one of them.

Transportation officials in Kansas are saying that these people may not be as bad as you think. Say what?? Here's what the Kansas Department of Transportation has been telling people.

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We watch them fly ahead of us all of the time. Most people don't take kindly to those people who cut the line when we have to merge. 

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Most of us react accordingly, because, hey, who likes a cutter?

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Well, it turns out that the Kansas Department of Transportation says that these people have it all right, actually. 

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According to the Kansas DOT, if we all were to adopt this strategy, people might actually get what they want on the roads.

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The Kansas DOT believes that everyone should use the "zipper method" when merging. 

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The reason why everyone should use this method is because it will make everyone, not just you, get on your way much faster.

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This is what the zipper method looks like when cars are actually merging. 

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All of the vehicles in the merging lane should move up almost as far as they can and then move into the next lane between other vehicles evenly. For some reason, I feel like this would take a lot of effort from everyone involved... Maybe that's just me.

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When merging happens in the zipper fashion, the traffic on both sides doesn't have to stop, the major downside of vehicles merging at random spots.

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Even though transportation officials have pushed for drivers to make a change, it doesn't seem to be happening. A few things may be keeping drivers in their old ways...

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Some drivers aren't doing it because they still feel guilty for cutting ahead of people, even though they may be helping them. 

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Others may just believe that merging immediately is still the best way.

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Research on the topic suggests if everyone started going the zipper method, traffic could move ahead 35% faster. 

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It may be safer as well given that there would be an agreed upon and systematic way to merge. With more random and erratic merging, which is the case now, there may also be a higher likelihood of accidents. 

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