13+ People Who Had The Right Idea All Along

Diply 25 Oct 2018

Let's face it, we all get into stupid arguments over stuff that doesn't matter sometimes. When I'm in one of those and want out, my go-to strategy is to get my opponent to bet 20 bucks that they're right.

If they aren't invested enough to put that up, they have to stop talking about it.

So far, I've haven't lost one of these bets. Yet, I'd be perfectly willing to hand the cash over in defeat if I had.

With that in mind, I'm glad I never made this bet against these people. Otherwise, I'd be $320 poorer by now.

1. Oh wow, somebody was clearly getting roasted for their 8-Ball shots and came back with a vengeance.

Reddit | MarshmellowOnToast62

I'm kinda curious to know if this is technically cheating, but it's not like anybody they play with is gonna find out anyway.

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2. It's a risky move to make art out of something that'll go bad, but let's not pretend this person didn't do something here.

Reddit | PringlesGuy101

Actually carving out the rammer and the flintlock is cool and all, but shout-out to that tasteful engraving.

This idea is so extra.

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3. Usually, people play chess or something to get out of this visit, but I'll admit that this is a bold strategy.

Reddit | HyperActive1DUK

Plus, then we might actually get to see what happens when the Grim Reaper gets flustered, and that would probably be adorable.

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4. I'm glad somebody out here had the talent to make this happen because our lives are now richer for it.

Reddit | Flightorfighter

Sure, a blurry picture of me flopping over mid-scream while trying to attempt this would probably be funny too, but this is far more impressive.

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5. Look at this guy go. Saving yourself a mess and some boredom. That's full mastery of the lazy life.

Instagram | @will_ent

No matter how many times this guy does this, I doubt he'll ever lose that self-satisfied smile. He's earned it, though.

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6. Yeah, they definitely can't say that Lola forgot about the capitals and punctuation here. Do the all caps give her bonus marks?

Instagram | Instagram

And you know what? She's probably a lot closer to understanding how a cat thinks than the rest of us.

Enough was enough here.

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7. I wish I did something like this when I played Yu-Gi-Oh. For every good card in a pack, there were like five useless ones.

Reddit | MasterBoti

Plus, this might've convinced the kids at my school that I was more of a duel master than I really was.

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8. This is probably making things a little too retro, but I can kinda get down with this type of delivery service.

Reddit | Rafskoz

Not only could he probably take shortcuts that cars can't, but I just want to hear a deliver driver yell "Away!" as he takes off.

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9. I'd have to check with Hank Hill, but I'm pretty sure there are much worse ways to transport a propane tank.

Reddit | Danesh_Morales

I guess that depends on whether this has a seat belt, but she's not dragging it from the top or in danger of dropping it, at least.

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10. Hmm, the guy being Numbuh One loses a few points for not actually shaving his head, but I'm otherwise pretty happy with this.

Instagram | @kalesalad

I mean, if we want to get really technical, none of these people are even kids. So I guess that doesn't matter.

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11. They definitely didn't have the right idea when they put this behind the post, but that didn't stop somebody from saving the day.

Reddit | Natyous

Like, wouldn't it actually be more difficult to install the clock with that in the way? Whatever, it's fixed. We're moving past it.

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12. This floor machine idea is clever and cute, but we all know what makes this pic stand out.

Getty Images | Westend61

The kid who attached the clamps to her pigtails is a total legend, and it doesn't matter that I don't know what this machine is supposed to do.

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13. This idea can make those dreams where we drool all over our pillow because we thought we were eating giant marshmallows a thing of the past.

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

And solving that problem was definitely urgent enough for it to be worth having a moldy bed after a week or two, right?

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14. Not only will this make it way easier to find her bag at the airport, but the world needed to see this iconic photo.

Reddit | johnheartless

Also, making sure that the baggage handlers pause for a second before throwing this can only help in the long run.

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15. This is the key to my heart too, but special attention must be paid to how carefully the guy chose his message.

Instagram | Instagram

I mean, all the fries in the world wouldn't distract someone if he dropped an "I love you" this quickly. Play it cool.

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16. As long as the drive-thru is open, it's apparently much easier than I thought to be OK with a flood.

Reddit | SupreemTaco

After all, we can worry about all the things in our basements later. First, we should take a little time for ourselves.

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