Target Is Selling Rosé Cupcakes Filled With Your Favorite Boozy Flavors

It's 2020 and people are still obsessed with rosé. Did you think the craze from 2013 would die? Looks like we were all wrong. The wine is still a necessity at brunch and is the perfect after work drink to pleasantly sip on and forget the day's troubles.

Now you can wash your rosé down with more rosé thanks to the Yes Way Rosé cupcakes.

Target is selling pretty pink Yes Way Rosé cupcakes.


They're made by the rosé brand Yes Way Rosé.

How fitting, right?

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Each cupcake is topped with a pretty swirl of pink buttercream frosting and a cute little dash of white sprinkles.


Most importantly, they're filled with your favorite rosé flavors.

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The filling is a medley of strawberry, peach, and citrus flavors, which make for a bright and light dessert.

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What's more? They'll pair perfectly with a crisp glass of rosé!

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These cupcakes are perfect for girls nights, bachelorette parties, and even a simple afternoon sweets craving.


Find them at Target for $3.99.

Will you be saying "yes way rosé" to these cupcakes?

Let us know!

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