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Make Entertaining Super Sweet With A Choc-cuterie Board

Go to any party and you'll see some form of a charcuterie board. Doesn't that word just get your dopamine and serotonin levels flying? They give each guest the power to choose their own snacking destiny.

But, what if I told you there was something better than a charcuterie board. I know, a wild thought. But hear me out.

Choc-cuterie boards.

With Spice

Yep, that's right. It's not just a dessert board where chocolate gets a little bowl in the corner to itself.

Here, chocolate is the star, as it should be. Always.

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Like any food board, you want to load it up with a bunch of items that people can dip, grab, pile, and mix and match with their hands.

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Chef Mary Berg from Master Chef Canada teamed up with M&M's Canada to create this magical chocolate board you see here.

Of course, you can't have a choc-cuterie board without peanut M&M's, and that's just a fact.

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She used their Dark Sweet Chocolate Bar stuffed with M&M's Minis to create her very own chocolate almond salami, a sweet spin on a charcuterie board staple.

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It's also stuffed with M&M's almonds, cranberries, and cookie pieces.

Along with a fun chocolate salami roll, you can really get creative and add whatever you think goes best with chocolate, like berries for a sweet moment, biscuits for a neutral and starchy dunking tool, or pretzels and even potato chips for a salty and savory move.

"You gotta have options," Chef Mary told us in a phone interview.

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"You literally could sit around it for 45 minutes and never have the same combination of things," she continued.

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Which is what makes it a super fun and interactive experience for your guests, and heck, even yourself!

"Make it your own, and tailor it to what your friends and people in your life like."

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Chef Mary Berg also told us no matter what, the goal is to overfill your board. I can guarantee there will be no complaints with an overflow of chocolate!

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Entertaining is super sweet, for both host and guests, and there is certainly no shortage of that with a board like this.

What sorts of things would you fill in your choc-cuterie board? Let us know!

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