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Colorful Froot Loops-Flavored Peeps Pops Combine Two Nostalgic Treats In One

Cereal has been making major food news as of recent. Maybe I never noticed it before because I didn't write about it, but it seems that the nostalgic favorites of our youth, like Lucky Charms and Froot Loops, have been in the forefront of junk food conversations lately as they team up with other popular treats to create a wild fusion of nostalgia.

In the latest cereal-meets-other-junk-food news, Froot Loops has teamed up with Peeps to release a cereal-flavored stick of colorful marshmallow chicks.

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It looks like Toucan Sam birthed some mini Toucan Sam babies.


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As you can see, the Peeps are all stacked nicely on a stick in the classic colors that make Froot Loops the iconic cereal that it is.

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While no one is certain what sort of fruit Froot Loops are supposed to taste like, that classic citrus-y/berry/milky/oat-y flavor is what the Peeps will taste like.

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Instagrammer April Moroszco and her son tried them in a video post.

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At first she didn't really taste them, but she and her son ended up really liking the flavor.

This is the pop of color we need to propel us into spring!

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Expect to find these at your friendly neighborhood Targets and Walmarts for around $2.

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Will you be giving these Peeps a try? Let us know!

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