12+ Times Photos Of Food Had Us Judging Everyone

Diply 18 Oct 2018

Attention all amateur social media foodies — this is an official callout post! Today is your day in court, and I'm bringing piping hot tea to the stand, so prepare to be scalded.

Please stop posting pictures of your food abominations for the world to see, effective immediately. Or don't — 'cause I am truly equipped to roast y'all all DAY, son!

1. Separating the milk and cereal is such a time-saver in the morning. 

Twitter | @jhordannxo

It's definitely a normal thing to do, right? Just ask the murderous woman from Academy Award–winning film Get Out.

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2. '90s kids know this is a household design. 

Twitter | @jynxremoving

Who are you, "krstl," to share this iconic imagery with any happy-go-lucky latte lover that comes through your local coffee shop? SMH. To be fair though, this is beautifully executed.

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3. "Premium Mexican-American fusion"

Reddit | 7arco7

Look, I'm all for cultural crossovers, but this has got to be the saddest collection of food on a plate I've ever seen. Please get this Forbidden Burrito™out of my face!

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4. "Making homemade pretzels with the wife"

Reddit | gumboard

Not even sure where to start with this. Why are they pasty AF? Whose idea was it to make these? And most importantly, what shape do they think pretzels are?!

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5. We call this kind of wreck the Pie-tanic.

Twitter | @JANPIRE

I've come to the conclusion that this was a simple but devastating miscalculation. Consider the following.

Pie-thagorean Theorem: Cute + Pie = Cutie Pie. This? Not a cutie pie.

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6. This isn't necessarily about the food... 


But dang, it sure says a lot about the food-maker! I wonder what it's like to be this extreme when it comes to sustaining your laziness. It's almost ironic.

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7. This truly gives a new meaning to sweet 'n savory.

Reddit | BuBuBu75

This looks like it was produced by using one of those apps that pairs random foods together based on a really bad algorithm using flavor indexes.

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8. These thicc seeds got me in my feelings about nanners.

Instagram | @pettypost

What's the truth? I feel so betrayed by my favorite fruit. SMH you really can't trust anyone or anything these days.

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9. When you tell bae she's lookin' like a snack...

Twitter | @vpeppiatt123

...and she tells you to stop being so cheesy. Ugh, I am truly so sorry for that one.

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10. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Instagram | @boyswhocancook

This hot dog is worth three, at best. And I'm pretty certain it didn't work.

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11. Okay, this one is deeply disturbing for some odd reason.

Imgur | mrsbaklava

Apparently, these are hard-boiled penguin eggs. And for some reason, penguin eggs look like silicon-covered dragon balls from Dragon Ball Z.

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12. Perhaps for that reason alone, they feel unacceptable as food.

Imgur | mrsbaklava

Who would dare consume these instead of trying to capture them all and have their one wish granted? Honestly, so insensitive to Dragon Ball Z culture.

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13. You know, people say that even bad pizza is still pretty good.

Twitter | Twitter

But this is where I draw the line. What sick food fanatic was throwing around ideas and thought, "Hmm, this will be delectable!" I just know pineapple is SHAKING right now.

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14. Sometimes, the higher powers truly are the greatest artists of our time. 

Reddit | designgrl

Although I do feel like whoever came up with The Incredible Hulk is a little salty about this one. As the official and very real judge residing over food court, I deem this acceptable.

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15. "My dinner! A hot dog with mayo and ketchup on sliced bread and Jalapeño cheddar Cheetos."

Reddit | jay__p_

Based on the caption, this person seems very excited about their dinner, and I honestly can't take that happiness away from them. I mean, look how they're living.

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16. I love a boneless, skinless Pepsi. 

Tumblr | lycanheiress

There's something so refreshing about peeling open an icy cold one and munching down. My verdict? Not guilty of food abomination! Be free, beautiful boy.

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