Get The Perfect Bloody Mary Every Time Thanks To These Pint Glasses With Helpful Diagrams

Emily McWilliams 11 Feb 2020

Everyone has their go-to cocktail that helps them unwind at the end of the day. For some, it's a cold beer, while others prefer a glass of wine. I might be a bit of an outlier because my drink of choice is a classic Bloody Mary.

If you're a Bloody Mary lover like me, then you'll want to invest in these pint glasses that help you mix the perfect drink every time.

Anyone who is a fan of Bloody Marys knows that they are a thing of beauty.

Giphy | Tito's Handmade Vodka

There's nothing that compares to drinking the perfect Bloody Mary — they are seriously one of the best cocktails, in my humble opinion.

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If you struggle with making your own Bloody Marys at home, you'll want to invest in these helpful glasses.

Uncommon Goods

These pint glasses from Uncommon Goods list the ingredients and approximate proportions that go into the perfect Bloody Mary.

Of course, these are just a guideline. If you want to double the amount of vodka, I say go for it!

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The glasses were designed by artist Alyson Thomas.

Uncommon Goods

You can purchase a set of two glasses for $25.00 from Uncommon Goods. They make the perfect gift for the Bloody Mary lover in your life!

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Is anyone else ready to make the perfect Bloody Mary?

Giphy | IFC

Mmmm... make mine extra spicy! An extra shot of vodka wouldn't hurt either.

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