15+ Adorable Pics Of Cows Acting Like Big Puppies

Sydney Brooman 10 Feb 2020

Y'all better start calling me Old McDonald, cause I want myself a farm. Don't like, actually start calling me that though. I'm in the prime of my youth. I'm not old.

For real though, farm animals are actually the cutest creatures in existence, and you don't need to watch the old animated Charlotte's Web to know that baby pigs and goats and cows and other farm bebes aren't as different from household pets like puppies and kittens as you would think. Baby cows are very puppy-like, and I've got the receipts to prove it.

Baby Bite

Reddit | mac_is_crack

Getting in your mom's selfie while also biting her chin is such a doggo move.

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Teddy Bear

Instagram | threegreatscotts

That may not be his name, but too bad. I named him. He shares a certain, shall we say, resemblance.

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The Tongue

Instaram | happyhensandhighlands

This picture can either be described as "puppy face" or "every pose I made in every early 2000's picture of me ever."

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One Of Us

Instagram | glentylee

You don't even need a comparison in this one--the dog is here to make my case for me.

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Cows Off The Couch

Reddit | shaysaprocky

You just know some dad is coming home to this like "BRUNO!? AGAIN???"

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Cuddle Bug

Reddit | lnfinity

Didn't you know? This is the vegan initiation process.

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This is my dog. Right here.

This is also me after Thanksgiving dinner.

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Reddit | [deleted]

Why is this cow better at childcare than any recent teacher's college grad?

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Reddit | petey10

This cow knows she's pretty. This is the cow that sleeps on your Queen sized bed while you sleep on a blow-up mattress on the floor. This is the cow who eats the top-notch grain while you eat canned ravioli. You know the one.

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Say Cheese!

Reddit | a1nasir

Fine, this one may not be very dog-like, but it's better. Does your golden retriever smile for photos Susan? I thought not.

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Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Covergirl.

Instagram | @happyhensandhighlands

Why. Is. This. Cow. Prettier. Than. Me???

I want whatever she's having.

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