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Coors Light Is Covering Dog Adoption Fees Across The Country For Valentine's Day

Coors Light wants to help you welcome a furry little friend into your life, and they're using February, (the month of love), to do it.

According to CNN, the beer company is offering to help cover the adoption fees for up to 1,000 eligible prospective dog parents across the country from Feb. 4-21.

So if you've been thinking you'd rather spend your Valentine's Day with a beautiful doggo than another human being, now is definitely the time to get to the shelter.

The "Coors for Canines" offer is aimed at helping everyone find their one true love this Valentine's season.

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"With almost half of millennials planning to stay in on Valentine's Day, we wanted to help empower people to savor the day with Coors Light and a dog by their side," Molson Coors marketing manger Chelsea Parker said in a press release.

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The promotion is actually part of the company's campaign, "The Official Beer of Skipping Cuffing Season."

If you've never heard the term before, "cuffing season" refers to those long, cold winter months where single people suddenly want to be "cuffed" or tied down by a serious relationship.

Well, rather than pursue that nonsense, Coors Light is encouraging people to ditch those cheesy Valentine's Day traditions, embrace their singlehood, and welcome a deserving doggo into their hearts instead.

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As per the offer, Coors Light will award 1,000 eligible people $100 to put towards adoption fees at their local shelters.

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In order to take part in this amazing campaign, you have to be of legal drinking age and reside in an eligible state. Checkout the official website for the full list of rules.

As long as you check all the right boxes, you can text COORS4k9 and a photo of your adoption receipt to 28130. You could be one of 1,000 lucky new dog owners to be reimbursed $100 for their adoption fees!

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Look, no body likes cuffing season, but why not put all that inexplicable emotion towards doing something wonderful for a local dog in need of a furever home?

"There are so many dogs looking for their person and have unconditional love to give," a Coors Light brand representative told CNN, "so this effort was a natural extension to Coors Light's latest ad campaign, which features a woman who's choosing to skip cuffing season and chill with her dog and a cold beer instead."

Honestly? That sounds better than any Valentine's Day I have ever or could ever have. Let's ditch the heartbreak and bring on the doggos!

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