Dunkin' And Frank's RedHot Teamed Up To Release A Wild Hot Sauce Jelly-Filled Donut

Is it just me, or is food getting weirder and weirder? From pickle-flavored everything, yes even gummies and cotton candy, to kiwi-topped pizza, and mustard ice cream, the shock value just keeps soaring.

What's next could either be really good or very, very bad...

Frank's RedHot jelly-filled donuts.


Yep, that's what that is. It's not orange creamsicle icing, it's not even Cheetos.

According to TODAY, this wild creation was all thanks to a dare on social media.

Of course — leave it to social media to create something wild and wacky!

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Looks like Dunkin' were the original perpetrators here.

And some lucky people in Miami did get to try it for free! Yes, unfortunately (or fortunately) it was an exclusive limited time offering in honor of Super Bowl celebrations, so it's not being sold nationally.

We don't have word from any reviewers yet, but if you got to try it let us know your thoughts

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According to the Dunkin' blog, the Dunkin' team tested more than a dozen donuts to land on the perfect Frank's RedHot donut.

So, what's the secret? A sweet and spicy mix of apple and raspberry jelly, white icing, and a healthy drizzle of the iconic cayenne pepper hot sauce.

Tbh, our immediate reaction is a resounding "yuck," but many people seem to be curious and very willing to try the crazy combo.

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Would you ever give this donut a try if it made its way to your neck of the woods?

Giphy | Bachelor in Paradise

Let us know!

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