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Become The Queen Of Cozy In A Crochet Crown Ear Warmer

I find the hardest part of fall and winter fashion is accessorizing, especially with hats. They're super practical, but not so cute when you take them off. If you have thin hair like me, then you have almost nightly nightmares about hat hair during the colder months.

A crochet headband is a good alternative, and we have the perfect pattern to show the world your true queen self.

Crochet headbands are great for so many reasons.

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They're not super constricting like a beanie can be, they keep your ears warm without ruining your hairdo, and they're the perfect stylish functional accessory.

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There are so many great knitted patterns for ear warmers, like braids or knots, but a crown pattern is perfect for everyone who feels like a queen and wants to show it!

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There are so many great variations of this pattern that complement your own individual royal style.

I love the addition of the rhinestones on the peaks of the crown on this one!

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These ear warmers are also great for children and would make the cutest headband for a newborn photo shoot.

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Getting ideas for this year's Christmas presents?

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If you're a master crocheter, then you could get really creative with the pattern, adding different colors throughout or a mix of knots.

Crochet For You

Find the free pattern by Crochet For You here, or check out Etsy for a host of pre-made designs!

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If knitting is more your style, check out this super detailed one.

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Find it here.

No matter what needlework you prefer, these crown ear warmers will make your feel like cold weather royalty.

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