23+ Times We Could Only Shake Our Heads And Wonder Why

Diply 12 Oct 2018

When we're faced with something we really don't want to deal with, we're all too familiar with a lot of the sucky ways they can make us feel.

If somebody pushes us aside as they walk past, we feel disrespected. If it suddenly starts raining hard on us, we feel surprised and annoyed all at once.

But when something comes along and makes our confusion dance with our disappointment, we suddenly understand those moments when our parents saw our handiwork and just said, "Why?"

And so, we're not mad at what's going on in these pictures. We're just disappointed...and uncomfortable.

1. I guess I can say one thing about this...erm, interesting idea: If this guy never wants anybody else to touch his phone, we can call this mission accomplished.

Reddit | ThePitOfTheArm

I'm just not sure why anybody would want the bottom of their phone to feel like foot sweat.

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2. I like how whoever's responsible for this has so many different clothes for them that they've basically created a whole creepy mannequin village.

Imgur | mfein28

Take a good look, folks, because that might be the only time the phrase "I like" will appear near this picture.

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3. I really didn't want to spend any part of my day desperately confirming that werewolves don't exist.

Reddit | _gilfoyle

So I'd like to give a special shake of my head to whatever caused this for putting me through that. Thanks for nothing, you terrifying beast.

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4. Not only did somebody wreck a perfectly cuddly koala here, but now they've turned it into a mask fit for a horror villain. 


And I guess that's fair enough if they're showing us what real koalas are like, but I doubt that was the mission here.

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5. No, despite what you may think, I'm not shaking my head and wondering why this sign needs to exist.

Instagram | @realbigmoods

Instead, I'm wondering what's even the point of resurrecting the dinosaurs if nobody gets to ride them?

Are you telling me Jurassic Park was gonna be just a zoo?

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6. I don't know much about what's going on, but I'm enough of a nerd to recognize a science fair project anywhere.

Reddit | MrFrosch25

I'm just glad I'm not one of the judges, though, because unless there's a great explanation, I can't tell whether this is brilliant or not.

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7. I know drill instructors put you through some difficult challenges, but at least there's usually a point to them.

Reddit | Reddit

But if clogging up my vacuums with snow is an actual strategy in case there's a war at the North Pole, it's time to get some new generals.

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8. Nope, nope, that's quite enough of this. I refuse to believe that this combination of flavors works in any way.

Reddit | Soapiestlyric4

Fight me on this all you want, but the ice cream shop that puts ketchup on your banana split is gonna go out of business.

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9. I kind of want the super ice cream cone this thing is holding to exist, but not if that means this monstrosity comes with it.

Reddit | moon2A

I doubt a blank-faced ice cream cone would be that reassuring, but regardless, those eyes and that tongue gotta go.

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10. I know advertising is supposed to put desires we wouldn't normally have in our heads, but I'm gonna need a lot more convincing in this case.

Reddit | Car3nthusiast

Is the next billboard I see going to explain why I'd want to smell moose breath? Or moose in general?

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11. If this is the world's most extra butcher shop, then they don't need to explain themselves because their mural is perfect in every way. 

Reddit | Kresley

But if it's not, then no matter how impressive it is, this whole thing suddenly turned really uncomfortable.

Tremble before the meat wall!

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12. Ah, yes. Nothing gives a nervous young'un comfort when the wind makes the branches scratch the house quite like a dead-eyed zombie...bellhop?

Reddit | CarolineMurg

I think even my lazy self would take my own bags up to the room if this thing was offering to help.

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13. So, yeah, this wasp nest was just slowly invading this attic. No, I don't know how it took this long to be discovered. 

Reddit | accountvergeten

Did the poor souls living here think that daily swarms of stinging invaders were just part of their lives now?


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14. Apparently, this guy intended this concoction as a vegan protein shake, but please tell me there's an easier way than this.

Twitter | @JoeRaynne

Otherwise, I'm gonna hug every vegan bodybuilder I meet and sob about how sorry I am that they have to drink bean juice.

Nobody wants that.

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15. I know that party stores like to get a little extra, but I'd like to tie my shoe without getting a jump scare, please.

Twitter | @scixpmas

If this thing makes noise whenever we walk by, we have all the proof we need that the owner is a sadist.

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16. Yeah, recovery is definitely worth celebrating! I'm not sure how much they'll be doing when they realize how this looks, though. 

Reddit | alliegatorrr

I was on board for the parrots, but those creepy mannequin heads ain't gonna be part of any celebration I'm ever throwing, thanks.

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17. This doesn't exactly scream "clean hands."

Reddit | n1critic

I don't know why this water has the consistency of a runny nose, but I do know that I wouldn't touch it if my life depended on it.

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18. This is really interesting, to say the least.

Reddit | EldritchAbyssinian

There are some lines that should not be crossed, and I'm certain this is one of them. The blending of Patrick Star with a Minion hurts my soul. Who created this thing?

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19. It sure isn't the ice cream man, but it still looks pretty cool.

Reddit | Davidthesaurus

In a perfect world, there would be a truck like this that sold breakfast food. Maybe then I'd remember to actually eat breakfast.

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20. Well, somebody was thinking outside the box.

Reddit | ThisOneNeedsADrink

I get it, you don't always want a drink. That looks way too messy for me to pull off, though. I'm not that brave.

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21. Honestly? You had one job, and you did it wrong.

The Daily Buzz | The Daily Buzz

This reminds me of why I disliked group projects in school. There was always someone who ruined it for everybody else.

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22. Well, everyone would know they were in the right spot.

Reddit | Crab7

This is the most creative bus stop I've ever seen. The rest of them are clearly doing it wrong.

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23. I don't think that would be a very comfortable ride.

Reddit | The_Techsan

These guys have a habit of spitting at people, and I definitely wouldn't want to be a target. No, thanks!

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24. Whoa! Eminem made with M&Ms.

Reddit | somesnarkycomments

I really want to know how somebody had the self-control to make this instead of eating all the M&Ms. That is just pure talent!

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