15+ Twitter Users Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Moments

Diply 11 Oct 2018

One of the very best things about social media is how it allows us to connect with each other. And what's a better way to really be vulnerable with each other than to be willing to talk about the more unpleasant parts of our lives?

Twitter user @Austin_James74 invited people to share those stories, asking, "What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?" This isn't the first time we've looked at people finding solidarity in embarrassment on Twitter, but as bad as things have looked before, the following stories were a lot worse.

I expected things to be bad, but I couldn't have expected them to be this bad.

1. Language can be a beautiful thing, allowing us to express complex ideas and emotions through the air to other people. 

Twitter | @weird_al_77

Then again, sometimes it goes horribly wrong.

That being said, I am absolutely going to steal the phrase "cringe myself to death."

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2. In some ways, first impressions are overrated, but I think it's pretty hard to bounce back from one like this.

Twitter | @theregos

There are just a lot of red flags in this scenario. Why are you making jokes like that at a press event? Why are you making jokes like that within minutes of meeting someone? What was the joke, you coward?!

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3. It's like a weird, terrible magic trick where there's a bag instead of a hat and a cockroach instead of a rabbit.

Twitter | @aproko_doctor

Apparently, though, they were able to bounce back from the embarrassing moment by exchanging fun facts about cockroaches. That's a winning attitude if I've ever seen one.

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4. I'm not even sure who this would be more embarrassing for.

Twitter | @mattyfresh26

Obviously, the older woman was embarrassed, but I dunno, old folks are pretty leaky. So, you'd think they would have just accepted it instead of just pretending that nothing happened.

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5. After all, what is childhood if not just a collection of memories about how much of an idiot you were?

Twitter | @Adam_Houlihan

You do ridiculous things, you pee in ridiculous places, and you believe ridiculous things. Childhood barely seems worth it, to be totally honest.

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6. This probably isn't how I would handle the situation, but then again, I wasn't there.

Twitter | @TatterTotttt

My first thought was "Why wouldn't you just swallow it?" but now I'm realizing that that could have caused some kind of disgusting Rube Goldberg cycle that nobody would want to be a part of.

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7. I actually heard crickets after reading this one.

Twitter | @jeffreyd

I'm pretty sure the only socially acceptable way to deal with this situation would be quit your job, sublet your apartment, and move to a whole other city. Anything less dramatic than that just won't cut it.

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8. I'm sorry, what?

Twitter | @BrittanyPack1

I've got some questions. If you've delivered there before, how haven't you noticed? And also, did you not verbally address this person you were trying to hand a pizza to? This one's definitely a self-made embarrassment.

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9. Sometimes, you've just got to commit to the bit.

Twitter | @BabyGuerl

Sure, the ambulance bill probably made her rethink her coping strategy, but at the time, I'm sure it seemed better than just copping to being clumsy.

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10. As a teenager, self-exploration is a pretty crucial part of learning about your body and who you are.

Twitter | @jayduplass

Unfortunately, sometimes there can be witnesses.

Even if the details of this one aren't universal, I bet pretty much every one of you has a memory pop up when I say, "I remember one time, my parents walked in on me..." Admit it, you've got one too.

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11. This sounds like the origin story of a really weird, personal, intimate gesture.

Twitter | @AshleighAmor

Like, in 50 years, it's going to be totally normal for people to just rub cheeks together, and sociologists will be able to trace it all back to this tweet.

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12. Sometimes, someone else taking the risk of being embarrassed is what saves you from having an even worse time.

Twitter | @bridgetwi

And hey, when this sort of thing happens, you've just got to own it. Like my boss always says, "You've got to put your best boob forward."*

*Yes, that is an actual quote.

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13. Sometimes, you just don't know what it is that you don't know.

Twitter | @BikemongGraeme

I mean, I get it. It's weird that this thing gets served to you with no instructions or anything.

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14. Sometimes it's nice to try out a new form of confidence. And sometimes the universe reminds you to just stay in your lane.

Twitter | @Helenreade5

But hey, if she ended up falling in love with the taxi driver, this is one heck of a meet-cute story.

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15. I think people know what they're getting into when they buy white vans.

Twitter | @Cassie_write

If you don't work as a roof installer or as a painter, you need to just stay away from the whole white van aesthetic. It's not worth it.

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16. There's just no talking your way out of one like this.

Twitter | @t_isfortaya

Then again, if someone did this to me, I would have probably caught the Simpsons reference and just repeated back "nothing at all...nothing at all...nothing at all."

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