Stylist Transforms People's Appearances By Updating Their Clothes

Pretty much everyone feels good when they look good. It's just that boost of confidence that comes over us when we see ourselves in the mirror.

So when Russian stylist Alexandr Rogov decided to do a tour of Russia transforming ordinary people into fashion superstars it really made a huge difference in these people's lives.

Check out their amazing transformations with the use of makeup and stylish clothes.

Rogov used to be one of the biggest stylists in Russia working with many fashion magazines.

He also worked with some of the most famous fashion houses like Chanel and Dior.

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Then he got a chance to work on TV to do a variety of makeover shows.

He's been featured on TV channels such as TLC, MTV, and TNT.

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He now works with CTC which is the most popular entertainment channel in Russia.

His work continues as he does magical makeovers for so many deserving people.

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Having a background in education, Rogov still does many lectures where he teaches master classes in fashion all over Moscow and surrounding regions.

He takes his work very seriously.

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After years of work in the glitz and glamour in fashion, he now wants to help women and men feel more comfortable in their skin.

That's so wonderful to see.

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He tries to help people find a better side of themselves.

The way he styles people is not just for the TV show it's actually for their real life.

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The way Rogov feels about his job as a stylist is that he thinks it is closer to being a psychologist.

He works on helping people get their confidence back. That's so commendable.

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His favorite part of the job is when his clients see themselves in the mirror for the first time after their transformation.

And how happy it makes them feel.

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I bet it really must be an incredible feeling when you know you have not only transformed someone's look but made their life that much better for it.

Warm fuzzies all around!

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You know sometimes people may need a little extra push to realize that they're not living up to their total potential.

They need to know that they can do so much better.

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Not everyone is born with a natural sense of style and those people can benefit from some great advice from a true professional as talented as Alexandr Rogov.

It can take a keen eye to help you put looks together.

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Even if you do have a bit of a personal style I think you can still benefit from style advice from time to time to achieve that polished look.

It's never a bad idea to get some new tips.

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For some people, getting a transformation such as this can literally take years off their look.

Now they have a newfound confidence to carry with them forever.

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I'm such a huge sucker for makeover shots such as this.


I can almost put myself in these people's shoes. It must be amazing to get treated like this.

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