As with most things on the internet, it just doesn't always make sense. I think I say "what, why?" to myself while browsing at least ten times a day. But someone, somewhere made the questionable choices leading to these amusing pictures. You never really saw any of this coming, but you'll be glad you stumbled upon it. 


1. A driver who clearly didn't check the weather

I don't know how I've gone my whole life not seeing this and it looks incredibly stupid, but I guess if it works, it works. 

Reddit |  stinko336

2. An advertisement that only works from a very specific angle

TBH, the chances of actually seeing this are pretty slim. But someone out there created it for a very specific audience, and I respect that.

Reddit |  CGNYC

3. An elevator button that is the perfect distance away

Why would you want it this far? Because when you press it, the elevator will be waiting for you by the time you walk to it. 

Reddit |   belleri7

At first I thought it was silly, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that's a pretty great move.

Except for the people who don't spot the button and just stand there in confusion. 



4. A box that has bigger dreams than you do 

I now believe that all packaging should use this method to guilt-trip people into recycling. Because now if you don't recycle this, you're killing both dreams and the environment. 

Reddit |  TheLastStarMaker

5. A Skittles machine that lets you sort them by color 

This totally gets rid of the whole "taste the rainbow" if you ask me, but then at least every bite would be of your fav flavor, and that's not a bad deal. 

Reddit |  totetrays

6. A sign to warn you of...owls?

I don't know why I never feared owls, maybe it was watching Harry Potter too many times. I never thought they would be so aggressive that they need to have their own warning signs. But if this sign exists, must be a thing. 

Reddit |  Sup3rChr15

7. A bar code, so you can order your next package of toilet paper 

Not totally helpful if you're already stuck there, but in theory, it could help prevent such situations. 

Reddit |  Tharus_

8. A wine bottle that truly thinks of its drinker

Now I'm left to wonder why don't all wine bottles come with the perfect grip? It's both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic, so cheers to that. 

Reddit |  loweyegaze

Honestly, this is just handy for anyone who skips the glass and holds that bottle close.

And there's no shame in that, only pride. It would lessen the chance of dropping a bottle, and really just make everything easier. 



9. A candle that will last you quite a long time 

21 years to be exact, as long as you don't lose it between birthdays. It would make blowing out your birthday candles a whole lot easier. 

Reddit |  Yesagaia

10. A sign that praises everyone involved 

Positive reinforcement is how to make sure things get done, right? I don't know who wouldn't poop and scoop after seeing such a kind, helpful sign.  


11. At first you'd roll your eyes, but then realize it's probably the most helpful switch known to mankind 

Or should I say womankind, let's be honest here. So long disappointment! 

Reddit |  @purpxanax

12. A tip jar that (hopefully) puts a stop to theft

There can't be a way to subtly steal from this tip jar, because then you're just making a big, wet mess, and who wants to put soggy money in their pockets?

Reddit |  kleshnikaya

13. An Ikea sign being very clear about the size of their cinnamon buns

I just want to meet the person who made this sign necessary and chat with them because they'd either be a really optimistic person, or just not get things. 

Reddit |  exomyeggo

I would hope that no one actually believes that the cinnamon bun is that big 

Maybe it's just Ikea's sense of humor. We could only hope and dream, but like, come on.



14. The fact that candy corn put together forms a cob of corn

Maybe this is old news, but I'm still not over it. It's pure genius, and I wish I came up with it. 

15. A very specific soap selection

I never considered the difference between the two, but if I had the options, I would certainly do exactly what they suggest. Do you really want your hands smelling like a heavily perfumed meadow while eating? Nope. 

Reddit |  Cheese-pickle

16. And this way of ensuring that your pits are always flowery  

This is true dedication if I ever saw it as those bad boys are going to last you longer than any deodorant would. 

Instagram |  @torontoinknews

It takes a second, but eventually it makes sense. 

Still looks just a little too painful for me, and I just know the healing process is going to be the worst. But it's art, or whatever.