You never know how much you appreciate an innovation until you don't have it. Just think of how you feel when you lose your phone. It's like the world came to a stop, right?

Now, I'm not saying any of the following inventions are equivalent to a smartphone — they have literally transformed the 21st century — but now that I've seen these, I definitely want them in my life. Think of how much better it could be!


1. While many fridges have an inside water dispenser, this one actually has a water jug built into the door.

And if you've ever used one of those dispensers, you know what a big deal a jug is. 

Reddit |  FocusPuRe

2. Never have someone take off with your umbrella again — whether by accident or by design — by stashing it in one of these special lockers.

Because there's nothing worse than finding yourself without an umbrella when you need one, especially when you know you had one to begin with.

Reddit |  convivialcor

3. In Denmark, garbage cans along the road are elevated and angled to make them more accessible for cyclists.  

And considering the crazy popularity of biking in Denmark, this is a great idea. 

Reddit |  DrChrispee

4. This hotel provides guests with an Android phone with free data and local calls so you can make your way around an unfamiliar city with ease.

Talk about a warm welcome!

Reddit |  the_irrelevant_fox

5. At this crossing, anybody who might need a bit longer to cross the road can get it.

This is in Singapore, where folks who move a little slower can get a special transit card that they can tap at an intersection to increase the time it gives them to cross.

Reddit |  Data_in_sg

6. This is a great upcycling job, turning Britain's classic phone booths into public defibrillators. 

The new paint job indicates its transformation. This allows Britain to still retain that time-honored design, but this time as a true lifesaver. 

Reddit |  notakidnapperhonest

7. Speaking of life-saving devices, this bridge has a call button anyone in distress can press to speak to someone.

If this has helped even one person get through a crisis, it's worth it.

Reddit |  Crescent_Roses

8. Another simple red button that could save lives: this button that warns against trying to cross the desert from Mexico and summons border patrol agents.

Frankly, every desert should have something to summon help like this, whether it's at a border crossing or not. 

Reddit |  bobakonush55

9. Not an invention so much as applying a service to something that sorely needs it: sanitized hotel remotes.

Because who knows whose hands have been doing what with the remote before you got there.

10. In the battle against spreading germs, folks forget about all the hands that touch elevator button panels.

That's why this one has buttons at foot level, so you don't need your hands.

Reddit |  CarrollPC

11. I know I'm not the only person who messes up the sides of the fitted sheet when making the bed every single time.

Where have these tags been all my life? How did it take so long?

Reddit |  oremornayr

12. If your dishwasher displays the time left on its cycle, it probably does so along the top — which is obscured by the counter.

This dishwasher solves that with a clever LED projection onto the floor.

Reddit |  Lambyking

13. We love to take our dogs out to roam in the park, but how often do you see dog owners with bottles of water for their hard-playing pooches?

Not often enough! All parks should have a fountain like this, where the water can run down into a built-in dog bowl. 

Reddit |  rubenmleon

14. And pet owners out and about might need more than just water, which makes vending machines for pet needs a great idea.

Treats and toys at the touch of a button!

Reddit |  orqa

15. There's no such thing as too much safety, which is why you have to love this backpack's design.

The clasp on the backpack's straps features a handy integrated whistle. 

Reddit |  Android109

16. And because parking lots have become so policed, especially by other drivers, it's nice to have a little extra help, like these lines that extend up the wall.

Staying inside the lines does help keep the peace!

Reddit |  Cindypi13

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