Hacks are only good if they fix problems, right? Well, sometimes technology can get the best of us and we need a little bit of help. Luckily, the people of the internet have our back and they've come up with solutions to life's everyday problems.

From broken phones to lack of hotel outlets, there's something to help fix everything on this list. You don't need any tech skills, just a little creativity!


1. Next time you're in class and you aren't allowed to listen to music, why not give this a try?

We all know we do our best thinking with our head resting on our hands, right?!

Twitter |  @FactsOfSchool

2. If your car is so old that your stereo has given up on you, you can use an old cup to amplify the music.

Hey, we all do what we can to get through rush hour.

Reddit |  huisi

3. Why does it feel like hotel rooms have literally no available electrical outlets?

And if you forget your block adapter, you're pretty much screwed. Well, most TVs actually have a USB slot in the back and you can charge your phone there!

4. Becoming Instagram famous takes a lot of creativity, okay?

If you don't have a photographer on hand to take those coveted top-of-bed pics, how else are you gonna become famous? Place your camera in the box on your roof, cut a hole, set the timer and you're good to go! I've got this stuff just laying around the house! 

Twitter |  @loulabelle

5. For some reason, iPads have the speaker on the back of the device.

Someone realized that half a tennis ball was the solution to amplifying the sound! Pretty smart if you ask me.

Reddit |  mcmenamin309

6. Raise your hand if you've lost all your photos and videos because you broke, lost, or accidentally reset your phone?

This actually happened to me recently and I'm quite sad about it. Uploading your photos and videos to the cloud is key, my friends!

Instagram |  @breemanahan

7. Worried about your charger cord fraying from overusage?

The spring from inside a ballpoint pen can help you out! Wrap the coil around the cord and voilĂ !

Instagram |  @oriam19

8. I feel like you always need a phone stand when you least expect it.

You probably don't need that second credit card anyway, so why not turn it into a makeshift stand instead? A hefty business card or gift card will also do the trick.

Reddit |  mistamutt

9. A piece of tinfoil on the back of your wifi router will help it bounce so it gets more range.

If this one is actually true, I'm going to try this tonight!

Reddit |  [deleted]

10. You can turn your phone's flashlight into a black light.

You'll never see public spaces the same way again. I'm making all my friends do this to their phones! All you need is tape, a purple marker, and a blue marker to make this work.


11. Isn't it the worst when your remote batteries die?

Tbh, unless it's my TV, I don't know how to turn most of my devices off without the remote. A paper clip can be used in a pinch if you only have one battery on hand.

Imgur |  jwsstyles - Lifehacker

12. Need a new stylus for your phone or tablet?

Who knew there were so many things that worked with your touchscreen? Tinfoil on a pencil is a great way to utilize one for basically free!

Instructables |  DIY Hacks and How Tos

13. Is your work computer constantly overheating, but no one will get you a new one?

It's allll good, my friends! You can just use an egg carton to help you out.

14. Turn your phone into a microscope for less than $10!

It doesn't take much to turn your phone into a super cool microscope. I'm not sure what I'd look at, but I want to give it a try. I'm obsessed with this phone hack!

Instructables |  Yoshinok

15. Get rid of phone scratches with an eraser.

Okay, so it won't get rid of large cracks, but it will get rid of smaller scratches. The eraser creates friction that will fill in the small gaps where the scratch occurred.

YouTube |  Richie Reit

Which of these tech hacks are you going to give a try?!

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