16 Wedding DIYs That Are More Classy Than Tacky

Diply 3 Jul 2018

It is officially wedding season!

True love is in the air, but also the hard wedding expenses, amirite? However, being on a budget doesn't mean your wedding can't be beautiful, too! There are so many adorable wedding ideas that you can DIY to get the look you desire for your big day.

With these DIY projects, you'll be able to save money, and it will give you something to do with your boo to prepare for your special day together!

1. Making a wooden sign to welcome guests is a great idea for an outdoor wedding. 

Bloom Events | Bloom Events

You could easily make this with old wood pallets. Paint it whatever colour, or keep it plain for a rustic country feel. You can dress it up whatever way you like!

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2. Paper lantern flower pots are so simple, yet elegant. 

Make Life Lovely | Make Life Lovely

These would look great indoors and out! You can find paper lanterns at the dollar store and some fake flowers if you don't want to spend money on real ones.

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3. Barrel tables are great for a rustic outdoor wedding, and they are simple to do! 

Krista A Jones Photography | Krista A Jones Photography

Find old wood barrels on buy and sell websites or your local hardware store. Then, attach the table top part using whatever material you prefer. These are great for a cocktail area!

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4. Mason jar lanterns make great lighting for an outdoor party and are inexpensive to make, too! 

The Sway | The Sway

All you need are mason jars, metallic spray paint, some stickers to make the holes, and fake tea lights! Hang this on branches or string them along an area. They're totally Instagram-worthy!

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5. If you have any areas without décor, try filling the space with a rustic ladder piece. 

Rock My Wedding | Joe Stenson

Add some bottles, greenery, and maybe a small statue to make a really nice set up. This looks great outside, in a tent, or inside, and even works as a photo booth backdrop!

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6. Another simple design is to make a sign with old wood and paint. 

Kyle Michelle Weddings | Kyle Michelle Weddings

Direct your guests where to go and give your wedding a rustic feel all at once. This is a simple saw, nail, hammer, and paint DIY, and your guests will never get lost!

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7. Floral initials can be used at your bridal and wedding shower, and on your big day. 

YouTube | thethinkingcloset

Set them at your head or gift table to add a pop of color and touch of personalization to the space. The best part about this DIY is that all of the supplies can be found at the dollar store!

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8. Create a recipe box so that guests can leave you tips on the recipe for keeping a healthy marriage! 

Strawberry Milk Events | Strawberry Milk Events

You can get wooden boxes from any dollar store. Paint it however you please, and print off some cards for people to write their messages. You will get some great advice or a good laugh!

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9. Upcycle some old bottles by making them beautiful again to use as décor.

Wedding Chicks | Wedding Chicks

Simply use metallic spray paint on the bottles to give them a unique colour, and fill them with whatever flower you prefer. These would be beautiful on tables, the gift table, or to fill any empty space.

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10. Make a photo collage of you and your boo with helium balloons. 

Wedding Chicks | Wedding Chicks

This is an extremely unique idea and it will be fun for guests to explore walking through the balloons to see all the pics of you two together!

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11. Make cheap garlands to decorate the walls, head table, or other areas!

Thirty One Bits | Thirty One Bits

You can make cheap garlands using coffee filters and some dye. Make them any color you'd like, and hang them around. This is the best $5 wedding DIY décor ever!

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12. Make an adorable backdrop with some wax paper for a simple picture area at your reception. 

Style Me Pretty | Style Me Pretty

With some string, ribbon, and wax paper, you can create this beautiful backdrop to whatever size suits your wedding venue. Capture all the memories, and make it a night to remember!

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13. Are you having a beach wedding? Use shells as a salt and pepper holder for the tables! 

Design Sponge | Design Sponge

Spray paint some shells with metallic spray to give them a elegant, regal look. Then, set them on tables, and fill with salt and pepper. Make sure to wash them out before using though!

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14. Creating name tags out of old corks is inexpensive and adorable.

The Vault Files | The Vault Files

All you have to do is slice a line into the cork to fit the paper in. Paint the cork to match your wedding theme. This screams creativity!

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15. These tea lights would look perfect on guest tables, especially with a late dinner in the moonlight. 

Wedding Star | Wedding Star

Get tea light holders from the dollar store, paint them in glue, and dip them in glitter to get this look. It's super elegant, and no one will know how inexpensive they were!

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16. Make your own table numbers out of wood for another great rustic wedding look. 

Green Wedding Shoes | Green Wedding Shoes

All you have to do is Mod Podge the numbers onto old tree stumps or other wooden pieces. This is great for a green, rustic wedding, and it is easy to do yourself!

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