20 Brilliant DIYs To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

Diply 8 Jun 2018

I know the small bedroom life. It can be so difficult to fit all of your necessities in when there's little square footage to work with.

But it's not the end of the world! Despite a small bedroom, there are tons of ways you can work with a space to make everything fit and look good, too.

Many creative people have come up with ways to help make the most of every single inch of bedroom space — this is why we love the internet!

If you're struggling with a small bedroom, here are a few DIYs to help!

1. Don't waste space with lamps when you don't have proper wiring for ceiling lights. Try a makeshift string light ceiling fixture like this instead! 

Leona Lane | Leona Lane

This tip from Leona Lane uses the wiring from an old lamp shade and has lights strung around it. The twinkling lights are super dreamy and perfect for cuddling up under.

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2. A cute, chic bedroom hack is to use old shopping bags as storage on your wall. 

Dicas da Dacy | Dicas da Dacy

Since your ground space is limited, using small shopping bags is a great way to upcycle the ones you don't want to part with. Dicas da Dacy did this to store pencils, sunglasses, and other lightweight materials.

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3. Even with a small room, you'll want to set up décor!

Decoist | Decoist

Décor is how we personalize our space, so it is super necessary. With a small room, Decoist shows us how you can put floating shelves along the top perimeter to display books, plants, action figures — whatever you're into.

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4. Along with your clothes, you need to store your jewelry, knickknacks, and notes as well! 

YouTube | JENerationDIY

Fellow shopaholics, there's no need to hold back on your jewelry. You don't need to clutter up your desk or dresser though. Simply hang them in style on a corkboard like this one by JENerationDIY.

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She does hers simple with chevron stripes and push pins, but you could also get fancy and do your cork board up with fabric and pegs. 

The Sweetest Digs | The Sweetest Digs

Fortunately, you can get most of these items at the dollar store. Just wrap the material around the cork board, staple it down on the back, and then add pegs or pushpins to hang your necklaces, like this one by The Sweetest Digs!

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5. Laundry baskets take up way too much space, so hang yours on the back of your door. 

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

This hack from Lifehacker will save you so much space. For simplicity sake, you can just hang a laundry mesh bag by adding two hooks on either side of your door.

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6. Make use of space that typically goes unused with this DIY. 

Instructables | apccool

I wish I had thought of this earlier — it's so smart! Instructables has a neat DIY door hinge towel rack that can be made with a PVC pipe and joint pieces. You can hang towels, sweaters, or any other heavy material you don't have drawer space for.

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7. If your living space has a small indented area, turn it into a mini office. 

I Like To Make Stuff | I Like To Make Stuff

You won't be able to fit anything else into this spot, so just turn it into workspace. This way, the area becomes something useful and a place to put other small items.

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You may not be the best carpenter, but that's what the internet is for! 

I Like To Make Stuff | I Like To Make Stuff

Find full instructions on how to build this desk on I Like To Make Stuff. Maybe bring a friend along to help you with this if you aren't used to using power tools.

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8. Cords can get super messy. When you have a small room, the clutter is just not acceptable. 

Our Thrifty Ideas | Our Thrifty Ideas

Our Thrifty Ideas uses old toilet paper rolls to organize their cords. This way, you can recycle and your cords will never get tangled (which is the worst!).

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9. Try using a pegboard as a way to organize different items in your bedroom.

Better Homes and Gardens | Better Homes and Gardens

It's an inexpensive solution for you to store a variety of items. From pictures, watches, purses, and jewelry, Better Homes and Gardens shows us that you will have all the room you need with a pegboard wall.

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10. Here's a solution: make a two-in-one by having a desk also work as a bedside table. 

Hunted Interior | Hunted Interior

It's wide enough to be a desk, but small enough to be your bedside table — it's perfect! You will have the writing space you need, and the area to set bedside items thanks to Hunted Interior.

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11. With or without a shopping addiction, shoes are a necessity! 

A Loyal Love | A Loyal Love

For this DIY from a Loyal Love, you need tension rods to attach from one side to the other. If you don't have a wall indent, use wood planks on either side. Then you can hang all of your heels up without a problem.

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12. When you're short on space, you have to get creative.

Paperback Thrones | Paperback Thrones

Even the smallest of rooms has four corners, which means a shelf like the one showcased over on Paperback Thrones is something everyone living in tight quarters can use.

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13. Storing stuff under your bed isn't a new or groundbreaking concept. However, increasing the amount of storage space under it is!

Bed Bath & Beyond | Bed Bath & Beyond

These lifts from Bed Bath & Beyond not only add a few extra inches of storage space under a bed, they also serve as additional power outlets, which you can never have too many of.

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14. Instead of a regular one, make your headboard a bookshelf for even more storage space.

Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

This idea from Apartment Therapy uses a bookshelf as a headboard, which opens up more space in your bedroom and helps with decluttering. No one wants that bad clutter juju while trying to take a six-hour nap!

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15. Get smart with wood crates from your local craft store by transforming them into useful storage for awkward items.

Craftaholics Anonymous | Craftaholics Anonymous

Thanks to Craftaholics Anonymous, you now have the perfect place to organize all of your laundry-related necessities.

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16. We've all heard of Murphy beds, but have you ever considered making a Murphy desk?! 

Shanty 2 Chic | Shanty 2 Chic

As long as you have access to a basic set of power tools and a home improvement store, your tiny space can have one of these handy pieces of furniture in no time. Head over to Shanty 2 Chic for the full tutorial.

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17. Even though storing stuff under the bed is a great way to conceal clutter and larger items, it can be difficult to retrieve those things when you need them.

Shades Of Blue Interiors | Shades Of Blue Interiors

Lucky for you, this roll-away trundle courtesy of Shades Of Blue Interiors is the perfect solution to this common problem.

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18. Since you may be low on shelf space, try adding a floating cubbie above your doorway for towels or blankets. 

The 2 Seasons | The 2 Seasons

You can build this with wood pallets or planks. Find the instructions to create this box on The 2 Seasons.

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19. Ikea is a tiny home's best friend, especially when it comes to versatile and inexpensive storage solutions.

Homey Oh My | Homey Oh My

The RÅSKOG utility cart can be used in the kitchen as a caddy for utensils, herbs, fruits, and veggies.

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It can also be used as a stylish, easy-to-manoeuvre side table in a bedroom!

Homey Oh My | Homey Oh My

And if you aren't able to find the RÅSKOG cart in the color you want, all you have to do is cover it with a couple coats of your favorite spray paint.

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20. Even with a small bedroom, you can't help your clothes obsession! 

Listotic | Listotic

There is a way to hang your clothes and save a lot of space — like with this hack. Listotic uses shower hooks on a clothes hanger for all your tank tops. Shopaholics still deserve to shop despite a small space!

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Do you think any of these DIYs will come in handy for your tiny space?


Let us know in the COMMENTS, and don't forget to SHARE this collection of useful ideas with others!

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