Meghan Markle Landed Herself A Second Job And It's Pretty Impressive

brittany.rae 12 Jun 2019

Meghan Markle has played a lot of roles in her life—literally!

From a Hollywood actress to the owner of a lifestyle website, to literal royalty, she’s got one hell of a diverse portfolio.

Now, she’s looking to add to it. And her new job is going to be perfect for her!

We all know Meghan from when she was an actress.


Her most recognizable work is her role in USA’s Suits, where she portrayed Rachel Zane for seven seasons.

She originated the role in 2011 and starred in over a hundred episodes before leaving the show for royal life.

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She was also in a few movies!

New Line Cinema

If you never caught an episode of Suits, Meghan certainly appeared in other things you might have seen.

She played Jamie in Horrible Bosses, alongside huge names like Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, and Charlie Day.

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That wasn’t all she got up to, however.

Twitter | @kensingtonroyal

This is going to sound random af, but did you know that Meghan worked as a freelance calligrapher before she landed a steady role on Suits?

She used the money to support herself between acting roles. That’s a skill that would actually come in handy as a royal, huh?

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She also owned a lifestyle website.

Twitter | @Mad

She did double duty as an actress and a lifestyle blogger for her website, The Tig.

She used to share recipe, travel, and style tips on the site. It was shut down just prior to her engagement to Prince Harry.

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Now, she has a full-time job as a royal.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

It turns out that being a royal is pretty busy.

She is a Patron of the Royal Foundation, where she works on mental health initiatives and visits various charities and organizations dedicated to improving mental health awareness.

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She's using her position to fight for women's rights.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

Meghan caused quite a stir when she spoke out in favor of the #MeToo movement, because apparently sticking up for women who have been assaulted is controversial.

Tbh, that just makes me love her more.

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She's also a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

She and Prince Harry are both Youth Ambassadors now.

Essentially, their roles require them to visit youth leaders in different communities and figure out how to best enable them to do the best jobs that they can!

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She also plays a role in the Invictus Games.


The Invictus Games were created by Prince Harry.

The games allow for wounded soldiers to participate in various sports adapted for their needs. Participating countries all come together to compete!

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And technically...she's a Princess.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

I know! I didn't know, either!

According to Archie's birth certificate, Meghan's official job is listed as "Princess of the United Kingdom."

Can you imagine "Princess" being your official job? That's a dream come true.

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Now, she's adding to her duties.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

This is the perfect role for someone who used to run a lifestyle site: She's teamed up with British Vogue to edit their September issue!

Any fashionista knows that editing the September issue is a huge deal.

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Her role as a guest editor is going to be massive.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

On top of helping set the style tone for the back half of 2019, she'll be penning her own opinion piece in the issue.

We can only imagine what she'll write about, but I think it's safe to at least place bets on women's rights issues!

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She won't stop there, though.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

In addition to her opinion piece, she'll apparently be bringing in a team of female writers to pen their own essays.

The writers are described as "female change-makers," so look for them to be pretty influential names.

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But wait, there's more!

Instagram | @sussexroyal

As if editing one of the most important issues of the magazine, writing her own opinion piece, and bringing in a team of female writers wasn't enough, she'll do one more thing:


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The issue will feature all-new pictures of the Duchess.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

Meghan made her first public debut post-baby at 2019's Trooping the Colour.

It looks like she'll be stepping in front of cameras again, but this time in a more private setting.

She's set to pose for British Vogue at the end of June 2019.

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It won't be a studio shoot, however.

Instagram | @sussexroyal

According to US Weekly, the Duchess won't be going far to do her photoshoot.

It will take place at Frogmore Cottage in England, where she and Prince Harry recently moved to with baby Archie.

Get that side-hustle, Meg!

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