16 Stranger Things Than Living In The Upside Down

Diply 2 May 2018

I don't think there's enough appreciation for the levels of weirdness we come across in life. Sometimes, we can tell people are being weird for the sake of it and just say, "Yeah, you're wacky" and move on.

But when people genuinely don't get why they're being weird, that's when you know you've hit pay dirt.

And since we can hardly appreciate one side without the other, here's a handy grab bag of the strange with both flavors.

1. Yeah, the only way this would even kind of make sense is if this person was recently sprayed by a skunk.

Instagram | @streetcatto

And even then, I don't think the fries are that helpful in washing the smell out. Remind me not to have dinner at their house.

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2. It may be a mistake to take meaning from expression on the masks, but it really looks like the cow is just learning what sausages are.

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

I mean, it makes sense that the horse would be comforting them. They already learned about glue and dog food.

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3. Yeah, I can't say that this would be a very comforting sight to wake up to.

Reddit | wadeybb

Still, there's no sense in getting too worried until they all stop chirping and start silently facing one house. Then you just pray it's one of the neighbors.

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4. No matter how much this looks like something you only eat on a dare, we have to face the fact that somebody genuinely dines on this.

Instagram | @streetcatto

If the M&Ms could talk, I think they'd say they'd rather melt in somebody's pocket than go out like this.

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5. Is it bad that the only thing I'm wondering here is whether the pen would even work underwater?

Instagram | @will_ent

I mean, it's not the fact that the signature would be a vague smear, because that always happens when I sign important documents for some reason.

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6. So, did these folks get a tip that the Google car was coming, or did it just happen upon...the ritual?

Reddit | prakashchandroth

That would explain why the photo's so grainy. The last ominous views we get of something usually are.

That's why Slenderman's so camera shy.

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7. I like how somebody time stamped this so everybody remembers this important milestone in history.

Reddit | Theepicturtle72

"September 27, 2013. The fashion industry and the IHOP will tremble at the way I've revolutionized wearable breakfast. If only I could get it to stop being so runny."

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8. Speaking of world-changing ambition, it can't be a coincidence that this Frankencar looks like the kind of thing they drive in Mad Max.

Reddit | DrizztoElCazador

After all, nothing says "rough and tumble road warrior" like a car that's half Punch Buggy. The camo's doing some heavy lifting here.

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9. I guess we should be relieved that they bothered to add a sink? So hygiene is at least a concept they've heard of. 

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Still, that urinal better have fresh cakes in it all the time or that's a man cave I'm not spelunking.

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10. I don't have an explanation for this, but I think we've finally found Bigfoot's hiding place.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

The poor soul just wanted some privacy, but even the skies couldn't keep him safe from our prying eyes. He doesn't wanna be found, people. Leave him alone.

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11. I guess a stunt like this is one way to establish yourself as the cool teacher.

Reddit | haltmich

I don't know what class this is, but my money's on math because it takes some extreme measures to make that fun.

Also, shout out to the finger gun kid.

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12. I can't really think of a place where they could safely drive this, but maybe that's the point.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Things can get pretty boring in the suburbs, and turning every trip into a game of chicken is...one way to liven things up, I guess.

Please don't.

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13. I don't know, swapping out the orange safety vests with black morph suits seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Reddit | Keither60

And how's this person even supposed to eat their lunch through that thing? This construction company's gonna go nowhere fast.

OSHA will hear about this.

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14. Not all of the important class materials are made of paper. You try getting through a semester without emergency spaghetti. 

Instagram | @streetcatto

Besides, it's probably the only time you could pull a folder out during an exam and not get busted for cheating.

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15. The only problem with frying an egg on the sidewalk here is that you'd probably overcook it.

Instagram | @memelif3

I mean, the heat is ravaging that metal thing on the right so hard that I'm not even sure what it was originally supposed to be.

A guard rail?

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16. Unless this guy's got a really bad crick in his neck, I'm not sure I want to know what's going on here.

Reddit | vo_xv

And even then, I'm no doctor, but that seems like a pretty unsafe way to deal with it. I'm not judging, but be safe.

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