Chris Evans' Throwback Photos Have Him Channeling Big Douche Energy

Oh, Chris Evans. He's everyone's favorite Twitter account lately.

He puts a lot into it, between politics, cute animal posts, space posts, and recently a lot of TBT posts.

Normally, he tends to share a lot of content of his dog Dodger.

A few searches on Twitter will show that Dodger is literally the most loved dog on the internet right now.

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But recently, he's been putting out tons of throwback content.

Sometimes not even on Thursdays!

What a rebel! Enjoy this cute photo though before we blow your mind with the next entries.

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This was the first one.

Twitter | @ChrisEvans

That earring is really everything.

His caption: First headshot. Apparently I was hoping to be cast as a [expletive]head. #TBT

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But this second headshot really takes the cake.

Twitter | @ChrisEvans

His caption: “Sleeves?? Nah, bro. [expletive] that noise.” Another headshot slam dunk during my late 90’s quest to corner the ‘asshole’ market. #TBT

Man, he really knows how to entertain us.

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