These Caffeine-Infused Gummy Bears Will Put Some Bounce In Your Step

In a perfect world, we'd never have to fully grow up. To be sure, adulthood comes with its perks. But man, the crushing responsibilities we face every day sure explains a lot of the allure of Neverland.

The good news is that adults can recapture certain aspects of their childhoods without too much trouble. If you want a birthday cake when it isn't even your birthday, you can just buy one.

And you can also blend the two worlds at times.

Just when you thought you had outgrown candy, Sugarfina came along and changed everything.

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Their brilliant confectioners make candy for grown-ups with a refined, educated sweet tooth — things like single malt scotch cordials and champagne bears, things based in delicious nostalgia but with a decidedly adult twist.

They're not all boozy, but you get the idea.

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And, understanding their grown-up audience, Sugarfina has a new, high octane offering: coffee gummy bears infused with a real jolt of caffeine.

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When your morning starts by groggily waiting in a drive-thru lineup for a hastily assembled dose of caffeine, grabbing a handful of sweet, sweet gummy bears instead sure seems like a heavenly alternative.

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But, at the same time, coffee-flavored gummies also seem a bit...odd.

Unsplash | Jonathan J. Castellon

You expect some kind of fruit flavor when you bite into a gummy bear, right? So, wouldn't a java-inspired bear be a bit weird?

Well, there are a few reasons to think that they'll deliver flavor as well as putting some bounce in your step.

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For one thing, Sugarfina partnered with Los Angeles's famous Alfred Coffee to develop their coffee bears.

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The partnership is up front, with Alfred's tagline "But First, Coffee" displayed big and bold on the labels. And they've spent two years perfecting their confection before the launch.

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If you're particular about your morning brew — and who isn't — you'll be happy to know that there are three different varieties of the coffee bears.

Instagram | @sugarfina

Based on drinks available at Alfred's, they come in Cold Brew, which is made with rich, dark coffee, Bourbon Cold Brew, which obviously has an extra zing, and Iced Vanilla Latte, a creamier bear infused with vanilla beans and almond milk.

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How much get-up-and-go can you expect from caffeine-infused gummy bears?


A surprising amount! Just 10 of the Cold Brew or Bourbon Cold Brew bears packs 60 mg of caffeine, a blast equivalent to a shot of espresso.

The Iced Vanilla Latte bears, meanwhile, are a bit more reserved, with half the amount — which I think means is license to eat twice as many.

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If you're into the idea of cramming a fistful of gummy bears into your mouth to start the day or to stay awake for a late night movie binge, you have a few options when buying them.

Facebook | Sugarfina

They're available in 12 oz. resealable coffee bags, 3.5 oz. cold brew cups, or a 12 oz. reusable tumbler with the "But First, Coffee" label on it.

Only select locations will have them available, but you can order through the Sugarfina website.

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